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Disinfection and smart systems for a healthier environment and safer people.

The recent pandemic scenario created by the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus (reponsible for COVID-19) has pushed CUBO towards the development of nes systems capble of help people to overcome this crisis



We have developed our first system in collaboration with our partner AktivPro, a system for disinfection chambers that helps reduce the viral charge that is carried in clothes and shoes during day-by-day activities, the TDx.

The Disinfection Chamber TDx is a device that promotes good practices of prevention,
sanitation and disinfection in the access of spaces with a large flow of persons. TDx works in disinfecting and sanitizing clothes, objects and shoes, using an automated sprinkling system,
eliminating a large percentage of pathogens. The temperature control and the hand sanitizer solution are also integrated into the equipment, constituting excellent support for the communication of your brand and implemented safety standards.

We use Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP), where the antimicrobial power of a base solution is increased by treatment with UV radiation. We use as active ingredients Hydrogen
Peroxide or Peracetic acid, recognized for the safety of use for humans, their anti-microbial efficiency, and safety for the environment.


- Accessibility for people with reduced mobility;

- Easy to assemble and transport; 

- Dimensions adapted to commercial spaces; 

- Plug-and-Play system; 

- Automatic Sprinkler activation; 

- Personalization with company image; 

- Excellent advertising and information framework (safety and prevention rules);

- Input / output signal light; 

- Service capacity: up to 5 people per minute 

How it works

Active substances when in contact with CUBO UV technology, produce particles that increase the rapid anti-microbial capacity, such as radical hydroxyl and acetylperoxil, without prejudice to the environment or human health.
A high pressure sprinkler system (70 bar) works with indirect sprinkler by cross-jets carried out in front (2 pairs) and behind the person (2 pairs). Cross-jets cancel the kinetic energy of the direct jets, reducing the moment of the mist, suspending it close to the person, avoiding the accumulation of humidity and the wet effect of this type of solutions and maximizing the
contact with the clothes. 

Why our system?

The objective is to sanitize clothes, shoes and objects and not people.
With this system we reduce the risk of eye and respiratory tract irritation, by inhalation, unlike technologies such as direct sprinkling or fine fogging.